Forever 21 Rugrats Tanktop & Demin Skirt

protective style asymmetrical bob wig

When you’re still talking over for the 99′ and 2000’s 16 years later you get that nostalgic feeling. This is in reference to Juvenile’s  Back That A** Up if you didn’t already know. Nostalgia happened when I found this dope Rugrats tank top in Forever 21. The Rugrats was a huge part of my  childhood and I was not about to leave it behind for some kid who thinks it’s just babies on a tank top. They weren’t just babies. They were a group of hardcore individuals that basically raised themselves and a dog . Remember that episode when Child Protective Services made a visit? Ok maybe that didn’t happen but it should have.

goldfinger press on nails

Who remembers press on nails? They are so throwback but are low key making a big comeback. Don’t believe me? Go to any pharmacy store or beauty supply and look at how much this area as expanded. I know you ladies love your manicures and fancy designs but why not save a few coins here and there and try press-ons (again). These nails are by GoldFinger and cost only $7. And you  can relax, you probably won’t lose a nail in front of that guy you’re eyeing at work. Try it!

rugrats ran top and denim skirt

Denim skirts were everything back in the day. They also have come and gone many times since my childhood. However, I haven’t owned a denim skirt since I was 12. Now, 12 years later and F21 has convinced that I needed this in my life. Of course, they were right! What’s a Rugrats tank top with a buttoned denim skirt?

rugrats tank top and denim skirt

mossimo target sneakers

Picked up these Mossimo black perforated sneakers at Target. I always loved sneakers, but sometimes I think they make you look childish. These, however, get a pass. Can’t ever go wrong with black.


f21 rugrats tanktop

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