boho chic fringe outfit

Urban Hippie

Had a few moments with my selfie stick and had to share this look. Just an example of how a fairly simply outfit can be improved with very few accessories. The hippie thing was completely unintentional  but, I’m not complaining. Urban Hippie Vibes and a lil dance step.

fringe sandals ootd

I picked up these fun fringed sandals from Wet Seal for $30 and I’m love with them.  Don’t they look fun? If you’re going to wear fringe then dancing is absolutely necessary. It’s a fashion rule.

image3 (2)

What goes great with fringe sandals to complete this Urban Hippie look- big round sunglasses.

You know those mall kiosks owners that haggle you to buy 1 for 10 and 2 for 16 sunglasses? They got me. I usually decline to even step near the booth but, this time I dared to browse and try on a few pairs. I find it interesting that in a sea of fresh and trendy eye wear they still make room for the throwback stuff.  Like the ones Mariah Carey wore during possibly the worst first pitch ever.


Who remembers these sunglasses?

image1 (3)

Men Love Mystery

To give this look a pop of color I finally rocked my Men Love Mystery lip. One of my new favorite shades from MAC. Anyone love the names of lipstick as much as I do?

men love mystery

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