pineapple trend

pineapple fashion trend

The Average Person Comes Across a Pineapple Image 6x a Day on Social Media.

This is an overexaggerated fact that I’m sure you can relate to. Pineapples are everywhere and it’s insane. Don’t get me wrong I love pineapples, mostly at the bottom of a moist cake but I do love pineapples. And right as we head into summer this crowned fruit will be making more appearances than a single Kardashian during basketball season. Are you prepared to slay this trend or nah?

If you’re worried about looking childish, don’t! There are so many little ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. From little details on a clutch to the most obvious pineapple on a t-shirt, it’s easy. Summer just got a little sweeter (and hotter but that’s another story) so check out 16 items you can add to your clothes and get on trend below.

Pineapple Fashion Trend

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