what is natural hair

What is Natural?

I’m not sure what’s so confusing about what it means to be natural. You’re either rocking the hair pattern God gave you or you’re not. That’s it! I don’t care if you dye your hair bubblegum pink on Wednesdays and Becky blonde on Saturday nights if your texture hasn’t been chemically altered you my friend are a natural. Now there’s this term called virgin hair that’s often used to describe unprocessed or unbleached extensions. If it makes you feel better to have some sort of hierarchy among natural women then technically dyed natural hair isn’t virgin hair. However, virgin or not it’s still natural.

Side note: If you just did the Big Chop yesterday, you get a pass. Also, let’s end all confusion about what a big chop is. I’ve seen women argue about what it means to do the big chop. Some actually feel that it requires you to be bald in order to claim the experience. The fact is, a big chop is cutting off all relaxed ends, normally your relaxed ends are so much longer than your new growth it’s a BIG CHOP. Get it!

Every time you nit pick at what it means to be natural imagine a virgin going “Oh you’ve been touched, so you know you’re barely a woman right.” Yes, that’s how ridiculous it’s sounds but when in doubt check the chart below:

Am I Natural?

what is natural hair

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