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One of my all time favorite sunglass style is the cat eye and it will always be a chic classic shape.  But this summer clear and tinted lens glasses have stolen my heart. One day in Walmart, I was told by a man that he wore clear aviator glasses decades before I was even born. You win that round old man but I’m sure I rocked them better. Don’t you love how fashion never just goes away and every generation gets a chance to be a part of the same trends? Of course, your grandfather wore clear aviators because his eyesight was trash and I wear mine because they’re fabulous.

If you haven’t gotten into this trend there’s still time because the best thing about personal style is that you can rock a trend whenever the hell you feel like it. Although clear lens and tinted lens are both perfect for summer you can definitely take them into to the fall season and still be cute. Reason being is these “sunglasses” have no way to protect you from the summer sun anyway and also rule were meant to be broken!

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Where To Buy Clear Lens Sunglasses?

To be honest many of the clear or tinted glasses sold in stores at very affordable prices can be found in beauty supply stores or flea markets like the Swap Shop (South Florida). A lot of people don’t like shopping in these places but the truth is the difference between H&M & the flea market isn’t always the product but the brand. My $4.99 shades (pictured above) arrived on the same boat as the more expensive ones. That doesn’t mean that quality isn’t always an issue but you’d be surprised to see my shades could have easily been sold in many of your favorite stores. Again, these don’t feel like Dior but the also don’t like the Dollar Tree ( even they sell sunglasses lol).

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