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Belt Bags, Bum Bags & Waist Bags

Whether you call it a fanny pack, belt bag, bum bag or a waist bag it’s back and on trend for Spring 2018. Honestly, belt bag makes it seem less dorky but this is a judgment-free zone. Belt Bags are far from the image your brain creates when you think of fanny pack. Over the years designers have revamped this cheesy accessory into something more fashionable adults can proudly wear in streets and around other humans sans judgemental stares.

Gucci Belt Bags

Gucci Bum Bag

Gucci belt bags are the more popular of the bunch. The Gucci Supreme, Marmont and Coco Capitan are favorites among the brand. All vary in sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and textures so there’s something for everyone.

Affordable Belt Bags

Gucci belt bags will run you between $650 and $2k. For those who love the trend and not the price, there are alternatives. This is fashion after all we have and will always have options.

What’s your favorite belt bag?

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