Choker Necklaces: That’s So 90’s

Updated: Chokers are still in!

Remember back when those stretchy black, plastic chokers were popping. Every 90’s girl had one and if you didn’t I apologize on behalf of your parents. If you absolutely HATED IT ( see what I did there) then avoid the next sentence. I LOVED THEM and I loved them even more when the matching bracelets/ anklets were created. Let me take a moment to acknowledge that this trend is pretty old, like 1800’s old. However, the 90’s took this style and made it flames so we get the credit. Now decades later and once again it’s time to rock this cute but terribly named trend. I really hate the name Choker. Sounds like choke her.


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Luckily for us, now that we’re on our grown and sexy there are so many options that are vast improvements to our favorite childhood accessory. A choker can go very high end and cost over 95k and I find that hilarious, to say the least. Especially considering that I got my first one after scraping change to put in a bubble gum machine. So let’s say you don’t have an extra 95 thousand laying around and you absolutely feel inspired by this trend. Like any and just about everything in fashion, you can always find affordable pieces and not have to compromise style.

Chokers come in just about every color and material. From lace, latex, velvet and denim to silver, gold , pearls and beads. Something for everyone, every style and every price point. I actually found two for about $3.50 at Walmart. I was quite surprise to see Walmart keeping up with trends , I even spotted a velvet tank top the other day (yes, even velvet is hot now, check out this post for more info). Once again I’m here to make your life super easy. Here are some chokers you should check out and add to your Fall wardrobe.

lace choker walmart

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