In a world where professional photography isn’t exclusive to the celebrities of the world the demand for good photographers is quite high. The average family is no longer impressed by department store photo packages and faux winter backdrops. It’s not that those photos are terrible but something about walking through your local mall in your dressy attire seems unappealing.  Also, your department store photographer isn’t meeting you at a location of your desire for a more picturesque photo.  As far as independent photographers, where are they? Not someone who purchased a pawnshop camera and said “How hard can it really be?” but the ones that treat you like Beyonce minus the money. Let’s be real Pinterest has your creative juices flowing and only the right photographer can help you avoid being the next victim of a meme.


If Beyonce said she needed a photoshoot this weekend,  in a garden and for x amount of dollars, someone would figure out how to make it happen. As for us regular folks, we go to the depressing third page of our Google search results feeling defeated and tempted to cancel the entire day to recover. However, there’s a solution to this problem.


Galaxy Photoz has created a way to provide vetted photographers on demand. It’s CEO Leanne Ferguson, is hoping to be the middleman between the photographer and the customer. Whether you need a last minute session or something booked in advance. All photographers are prescreened and fully capable of achieving your vision for a wide range of  photography types. This includes corporate events, maternity, newborn, cake smash, model portfolio (fashion photography), engagement, wedding, head shots, and portraits.

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How does the Uber of Photography Galaxy Photoz work?


  1. Photographers are put through a vetting process to ensure you get the best and quality service. Photographers interested in joining Galaxy Photoz can apply here.    
  2. You come up with your super dope idea and request a photographer via www.galaxyphotoz.com or the Galaxy Photoz app (launching June 2017).
  3. 1 to 3 photographers will respond to you immediately.
  4. Once you make the final decision and choose your photographer by viewing their previous work and rating,you’ll be able to speak to that photographer.
  5. After your appointment if booked the photographer WILL COME TO YOU on the agreed time.
  6. You will be able to view your photos and decide if they are up to par or require a re-shoot.


Simple right! If in the slight chance you aren’t satisfied they will re-shoot any non-event for free. Galaxy Photoz is making it super easy to find the photographer you need and when you need it. If you would like to support Galaxy Photoz in making this platform widely available you can support them at www.go.galaxyphotoz.com. There are some awesome perks that come with your support!


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