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Craziest Ways Naturals Achieve Longer Hair

Natural hair ladies know the hair growth struggle all too well. It’s not that we lack the ability to grow hair, that’s just a common misconception. We just want more! Many if not most naturals can identify with wanting bigger, longer and thicker hair. Honestly, who doesn’t go crazy when they see a great head of healthy coils or curls? And every time a natural comes across amazing hair she devises a borderline ridiculously crazy plan to grow her hair faster.

Many fail to realize hair growth is usually not even the issue! Any perfectly healthy woman with a good hair care routine and an even better diet should have no issue with hair growth. But you know how naturals are, always comparing hair and looking at the shrinkage. Let’s quickly go over those two things.


Ladies never compare hair texture or length. Everyone has a different natural hair journey and yours is just as special. I know it sucks when you’ve been natural for 3 years and have a TWA but, the chick that was all scalp last week is currently rocking a MEGA puff. It’s annoying and you want to spam her Instagram account as payback but don’t do it. Be patient you’ll have your puff soon. I promise.


Stop looking at the shrinkage. Love the shrinkage, become one with the shrinkage and embrace it. I get it, you hate looking like a newborn with just enough hair for one barrette. No shade, I just know the struggle! However, you should keep in mind shrinkage is good for retaining length. Outside of washing, conditioning and detangling it’s good to just let the fro … Fro!

Back to the Fast Hair Growth Madness

The desperation for long hair and fast hair growth sometimes trumps the need for healthy hair. Women will do the wildest, craziest things if it promises to encourage a few extra inches. Although hair grows approximately ½ in per month, some women simply aren’t that patient. Let’s take a look at some ways naturalistas attempt to speed up hair growth.

  1. Using Monistat
  2. The Inversion Method
  3. Adding prenatal vitamins to conditioner
  4. Scalp massages with oil
  5. Hairfinty, Mane Choice, It Works Pills (not too crazy … but some women deal with bad side effects)
  6. Rinsing with onion water
  7. Drinking liquid chlorophyll
  8. Overdosing on biotin
  9. Washing hair with mustard

Hold up! WTH Is Onion Water?

So, recently I came across a Facebook post discussing onion water. Basically you boil about 4 onions and use the cooled onion water to rinse your hair after shampooing. I don’t know about you but, smelling like onions sounds horrible. It’s actually suggested that you leave the treatment in and wash it out the next day. Imagine walking around smelling like you fell into a bowl of french onion soup but, in the worst way possible.

I actually made an attempt to give this method a try and managed to mask the smell with one of my favorite food/hair products, honey. Honestly, I did it for ONE night and while it’s possible I didn’t give it time to work its magic, I wasn’t a fan. These days I’m looking to simplify my hair routine as much as possible and onion water is too much work.



What Crazy Things Have I Done To Grow My Hair

The craziest thing I’ve done that never worked was add prenatal vitamins to my conditioner. The craziest thing I ever did that actually worked was spend $30 on Hairfinity during the initial hype. It actually grew my hair a couple inches in a month’s time. I wasn’t paid to tell you this either. I would honestly continue using Hairfinity but, that money adds up quickly.

Share the craziest thing you’ve done or heard of to promote fast hair growth in the comments below.


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  1. I wasn’t trying to grow my hair, but to reduce the amount of excessive shedding…so I purchase one garlic and masked up all the cloves (about 10) in my smoothie mixer and strained the pulp from the juice. Needless to say I slept with garlic juice on my scalp and hair. Yep!! I smelled of garlic for 2 days!!! It stopped my hair from shedding, but I wreaked!!!!

    1. Yeah that’s what I was afraid of, smelling like garlic.

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