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How to Get That Hairline Back and Flourishing


I realize for some time now edges have been a hot topic. Don’t believe me! Then go on any social network and search edges. You’ll be shocked by the amount products, memes and before and afters you come across. The internet will never allow Naomi Campbell to recover from that infamous photo. You know the one where her wig was blowing in the wind but her edges couldn’t participate. I want better for you ladies so I’m here to help.


Millennial women care about edges the way our parents cared about jerry curls. Tell me I’m lying.


Naturally, we expect that most people will have their hairline healthy and intact however, it’s not the reality of life. Some women suffer from serious medical issues or are going through hormonal changes, simply suck at hair care or can’t leave the weaves and braids alone. There are so many reasons why our hair may not be in the condition we want. Even something as simply as a naturalista’s favorite go to style, “the puff”, will pull on your hair until it thins out. Traction Alopecia is real!


P.S. Don’t be rude, stop judging women that deal with these types of issues.

The Do’s and Don’ts To Regrow Edges


  1. Continue to get braids and weaves
  2. Spray “hair” in with a color spray
  3. Cover hairline with a wig and ignore your hair care regimen
  4. Force a ponytail
  5. Tattoo on edges ( Because this is just a bad idea.)
  6. Dye or bleach hair ( Wait until your hair is healthy again.)



  1. Find healthy ways to relieve stress
  2. Use oils like castor oil or peppermint oil to regrow hair
  3. Stick to a simple routine ( wash, conditioner, moisturize, seal).
  4. Avoid any style that requires pulling the hair to tight
  5. Always use a heat protectant when styling with heat
  6. Take iron if you’re anemic
  7. Drink water, all day, everyday


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