pure clay detox mask

 Why Should You Detox

Detoxing means to rid the body of toxins or unhealthy substances. When you detox the hair you rid it of any product buildup that may have been left behind in your normal wash routine. Detoxing not only leaves the hair super clean and shiny but the skin beautiful and glowing.

A hair and skin detox can be accomplished using very affordable clays such as red Morrocan clay or bentonite clay. They are equally great for your hair and skin but you may find one more beneficial than the other. Rhassoul clay cleanses hair and leaves it bouncy and shiny. It benefits the skin by improving skin texture, unclogs hair follicles.  reduces dryness and overall enhances the clearness of skin. Bentonite clay, a healing clay, removes dead skin cells, soaks up extra sebum, and leaves hair shiny. It’s also perfect for oily and acne prone skin because it controls excess oils and helps reduce appearance for scars. Both clays provide very similar benefits but you may prefer one to the other.

Natural Hair Clay Detox

Using a clay of your choice on natural hair is one the best things you can add to your hair care routine.  It’s also a big part of the Max Hydration Method. The Max Hydration Method is designed to help retain moisture in type 4 hair that tends to be dryer than other hair types.

Basic Clay Detox Face Mask

1. Use 1/4 cup of Moroccan Red Clay or Bentonite Clay
2. Add 1 tablespoon of honey
3. About 3 cups of water
4. Leave on until it starts to completely dry. NEVER LET IT DRY COMPLETELY
5. Wash thoroughly and remember to moisturize.


Detox Clay Hair Mask

The clay mask for skin can be applied to the hair with or without the addition of olive oil or other oils of your choosing. You can even add tea in place of water. Leave the clay on for 15 to 20 twenty minutes. Co-wash hair with a conditioner of your choice and then apply a water based leave in conditioner. Mostizring is very important after detoxing to avoid drying out the hair and skin. Also, oil is not a moisturizer.


Clay Powders are available at vitamin stores like Vitamin Shoppe and online through Amazon. Prices vary by product and size.


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