The Semi-Kardashian’s are currently under fire for finding new ways to be problematic. Today, social media exploded when images emerged of t-shirts that once represented legendary artists like Biggie and Tupac now covered with images of America’s favorite culture vultures, Kendall, and Kylie. They, like the rest of their sisters, often date black men apart of the hip hop community and happen to be relatives of Kayne West. Which leaves many confused that no one warned them that this was a terrible idea.

Sharon Osbourne Claps Back at Kendall and Kylie

Sharon Osbourne caught wind of shirt which shows an image of Ozzy Osbourne with Kendall’s face plastered on top. Her response was simply beautiful. Sharon said “Girl’s you haven’t earned the right to put your face with musical icons. Stick to what you know …lipgloss.”  Yass Sharon!!

Sharon Osbourne reacts to khardasian Jenner Kylie Kendall

Kelly Speaks..

Later Kelly Osbourne shared her thoughts in an equally shady way that I can completely respect.

Kelly Osbourne reacts to Kylie Kendall Jenner khardasian comments


Biggie’s Mother Says The Kendall & Kylie are Disrespectful

Voletta Wallace mother of the legend Biggie also chimed in let us know the family has no affiliation with these “vintage tees”, Kendall and Kylie are disrespectful and had no permission to use his images. You can read the full read below. However, Biggies daughter Tyanna states people make Biggie tees every day.

Voletta Wallace Kylie Kendall vintage tshirt

Suge Knight Threatens Tyga From Prison

Even Suge Knight chimed in and ended his comment with a threat to Tyga which is not shocking at all. What’s a Suge Knight statement without a threat right? Although we all thought Suge Knight was in prison, for the purpose of this post we’ll ignore that. Also, no one cares enough to save Tyga.

Suge knights threathens Tyga Kylie Kendall khardasian Jenner

Where Can You Buy Kendall & Kylie Vintage T-shirts?

Nowhere! They felt that pressure and gave the usual apology they have saved in their phones and then pulled the shirts from being sold. I’m not sure why some of you were willing to pay $125 for two mediocre white girls blocking iconic images of actual legend but I’m happy you were saved from the embarrassment of wearing them in public. Ladies if you want to capitalize on your fame just sell t-shirts with only your faces and stop trying to tie black culture into everything you do. Thanks!

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