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Things Women Hate About Men … Ok Things I Hate About Men

I don’t use my precious time to comment on the other gender because saying anything but “Men are Kings” will leave you with that angry black woman title. Either way, I’ll be sharing my opinion on MEN. I wouldn’t call this a rant. Let’s just say I felt the need to express what’s on my mind and ok… it’s a bit of a rant. I don’t hate you’ll but, sometimes you’ll get on my last nerve. Let’s get into it.

The Forgetful Loyal Lover

Adam is an unemployed student that one day hopes to be a software developer. Through some friends, he’s introduced to Ashley, a nice girl with a stable job, and he’s very attracted to her. Although, Ashley normally prefers employed men she decides that dating his potential and not his reality will be worth it in the end. Kind of like how the First Lady stood by the President when state dinners were more like ramen noodles in a dorm room. Eventually, Ashley and Adam break up due to disagreements and other life-related issues. A few tears and a lot of sad Drake later and Adam lands a great job as a software developer at his dream company. Later he meets Erica and he swears she is The One. However, Erica has Chris labeled Bae Heart Eyes Emoji in her phone. So you know it’s serious. Chris is a server at a local restaurant and while not thrilled about it, he’s content. Adam is well aware of this fact and it somehow gives him the balls to ask Meghan “ Why are you with him, when you could be with me?”

As if Adam’s forgetful behind wasn’t very recently unemployed. In the words of Chris Brown “ When a rich n***a wants ya, and your n***a can’t do nothing for ya”, except a lot of men have no understanding of what loyal means. That is unless it benefits them. Men like Adam want you to see their potential and hold them down as they figure themselves out. But, oh once they make a couple dollars and they want certain chick all that loyalty goes out the window. These type of men are quick to give you that You Deserve Better speech.

Men are like….Don’t look down on a broke man or a man that’s a work in progress. I get it, I do. But, can you’ll stay consistent with your views.


Speaking of What Women Deserve

The I’ll Only Treat You How You Want to Be Treated If You Pass This Test Guy

Men are like….Don’t expect nice things and you’ll get it. Let me get this straight …you want me to pretend like I don’t mind wasting good outfits to eat at Steak n Shake so that you’ll know if I’m deserving of real meals that you didn’t receive a coupon for. Why can’t we all be adults that express our wants and needs without someone being offended? MOST women won’t feel entitled to anything you have. MOST women won’t even care if they eat at Steak n Shake. Let me clarify:

If you tell a woman to let’s hangout and end up getting burgers ..COOL. Let’s hangout = I’m wearing jeans, flats and lipgloss. If you tell a woman “ Get dressed, I’m taking you out tonight ” and she ends up in a cheap burger joint surrounded by high schoolers you’re looking for problems. Get dressed = I spent 20 minutes perfecting my wing eyeliner and I put effort into selecting a dress that was a smooth combination of classy and sexy. Words mean things!

The fact that we PREFER certain things doesn’t mean we feel like you owe us. So while we may not feel entitled to nice things we kind of expect that if you care enough you’ll make the effort to please us. Yes, it is a two street! Also nice things aren’t the same for every woman. I think a lot of men believe if they don’t buy us, Celine or Cartier, we’ll turn into bratty little girls. I don’t know which narcissistic chick told you guys that was a real thing but, it’s not. Find out what pleases YOUR potential partner, figure out if you can handle it and stop making women feel like they’re gold diggers because they like something that’s not in your budget.
Some women want an expensive ring-fact. However, that same woman also wants nice flowers, nice picnics and nice gestures like opening up doors- that’s free by the way. We also aren’t interested in being tested. Do things right the first time or don’t do it at all.

Some women want an expensive ring-fact. However, that same woman also wants nice flowers, nice picnics and nice gestures like opening up doors- that’s free by the way. We also aren’t interested in being tested. Do things right the first time or don’t do it at all.


The Bust My Windows So I Know It’s Real Guy

Men are like…We don’t like drama!

But, they seem to love crazy chicks! This guy told me that men like crazy chicks because it shows she’s a rider. Also, women that don’t act crazy tend to be entertaining other men. I’ve never been so confused in my life. WTH does that even mean? Why do we have to reenact that infamous scene of Waiting to Exhale for y’all to understand we’re angry? If I light your clothes on fire does it help you hear better? How about listening to us when we say things like..IDK “I’m angry”, “Stop screwing up”, “Please don’t do this, this and that again.” Communication is so important.


Men secretly love drama and it is so disappointing. But, it explains the dating multiple jealous women and convincing them all you’re in love thing. It’s like that saying “Some people create their own storms and get mad when it rains”, the only difference is men secretly dance in that rain and tell their boys about it over beers.

I often hear that this generation is under the impression that things like love, trust, and marriage are the thing of the past. So if saying “I love you” doesn’t come equipped with a gas tank filled with sugar then you’re probably bs-ing. I don’t recommend this btw.

In this generation instead of building trust you have you to; delete your social networks, attach a tracking device to each other’s vehicles and facetime yourself in the shower to prove that you’re home alone. In my opinion, all of this is more drama than just making an attempt to believe your girl actually fell asleep and missed five calls. Now when she wakes up she has to cuss, cry, make a scene and break up with you twice in once conversation just to prove she’s not cheating. Why is all the crazy necessary!


Well, that’s all for now. What’s the one thing you hate about Men?


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  1. I agree!! I also hate the “Let me talk about my ex all the time even though I know you have feelings for me” type of guys. Why should I listen to your bs?!

    1. Lol right, like go find your ex then

    • Audrey -

    • April 30, 2016 at 23:24 pm

    I hate dudes that are surprised you don’t want what they have to offer you. Like, all he’s got is penis and nothing else… But I can buy a plastic one and a pack of batteries and have less drama in my life!! LOL

    1. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD on this one! LOL

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