What Broke The Internet

1. Grandpa Bae

stylish old men

Irvin Randle aka Grandpa Bae came out of nowhere with the swag (Are we still saying swag?) of a twenty-something and a distinguished beard that puts others to shame. DAMN GRANDPA back at it again with the cropped pants. I suggest #teamover50 go ahead pull out the special occasion wig and shoot your shot because I don’t see a ring on Mr. Steal-Your-Grandma. Good Luck!

2. Shoe Designer Needs Support

shoe designer nigerian

As I’m scrolling through my Twitter timeline I came across a man that makes amazing men’s footwear and all he wanted was retweet. The last time I checked he had over 10,000 retweets and lots interest in his services. You can check his twitter for more information @gslim_footies.

His Work:

Nigerian show designer


3. Does Apple Wants to Buy Tidal?

The internet is saying that Apple has big interest in purchasing Tidal. Although I think it’s dope that Jay-Z has come so far and now runs a tech company that rivals many of the big streaming establishments, I do think it’s a great move. Tidal has had so many issues, as most new companies do. The question is, Do you work through the issues or sell while it’s hot? I say sell and jump into that next big thing I know the Carters have coming.

4. #AfrosBreakTheInternet


Recently everything black has been breaking the internet because we’re dope like that! Hashtags by black twitter created to uplift the black community have been much appreciated. Yesterday #afrosbreaktheinternet i

5. Ciara is Bougie


According to Future’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, he broke up with Ciara because she’s bougie, tried to change him and get this, his friends didn’t like her. A grown man broke up with his girlfriend because his friends don’t approve. That’s the most high-school thing I’ve every heard. Something about  Future tells me the attempt to change him was probably for the better. Then again trying to change someone that isn’t interested never ends well and if he in fact needed to change she should’ve dumped him first. At least Baby Future and Ciara now have Russell Wilson, karma so petty!


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