post grad problems

Top 3 Reasons Why Post-grad Life Isn’t as Great as You Think

post grad problems

So the day is finally here for you to walk across the stage and receive that hard-earned degree that you’ve worked so hard for! Well congratulations, you played yourself (in my DJ Khaled Voice). Let’s face it, graduating college is a huge accomplishment, but does anyone prepare you for what happens next? It’s true that college can be the most confusing time in anyone’s life however, post-grad life isn’t the greatest. There are many reasons why post-grad life can feel a little bit draining, here are three reasons why:

Student Loans

How awesome is it to have a new best friend named, Sallie Mae? She calls you every week and emails you every month. There has to be some perks to having a best friend that knows all about you, right? Ummm, I think not. All jokes aside, paying back those dreaded student loans can force you to face reality. Don’t worry, your new best friend is here for you. You’ll find yourself calling her each month to get your loans deferred or to lower your payments. You two will have plenty of catching up to do. On the bright side, for most student loans, there is a 6 month grace period that gives you no time at all to actually save.

Moving Back Home

Get ready to face reality. Many graduates or upcoming graduates believe they can do whatever they want. Drop everything and move to New Yorksure! Sell all your belongings, take a year off and backpack around the world…no problem! While these things sound amazing, and yes they are possible, no one really explains that it takes timing and good planning to do things like this. While you’re planning to figure out what it is you really want to do or go, your best bet is to live somewhere where rent is cheap or nonexistent. After years of being used to your own personal space, waking up whenever you wanted to or drinking in the middle of the day…let’s face it, you don’t get the luxury of those things at home. Home has other perks like free food in the fridge and not making your own breakfast.

Your First Job Until Your Career Kicks Off

Get ready to convince yourself you’re better than this, be in denial, and get a little confused because wait for it…you’re going back into retail and sales jobs. This is probably the biggest disappointment of all! After working numerous retail and sales jobs in college, because they’re the only ones who worked with your school schedule, most likely you’ll work one after college. We hear our parents complain about the job market all the time, well they say this because it is true. Don’t worry, there is something out there for you, but again it takes time.

Post-grad life is all about facing reality. Things that you were so sure wouldn’t happen to you, it probably will. Don’t stress about it, it’s all apart of life and the growing pains that come with it.

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