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Who isn’t talking self-care these days? There are hundreds of memes, charts and quotes that promote a practice that most people barely comprehend. What is self-care? Honestly, it’s a pretty word for a whole bunch of things you should be doing anyway but for some reason you haven’t made them priorities. Like getting enough sleep, saying your affirmations and taking a break from your cellphone. Yes, you have to put down the phone because liking your favorite celeb’s bubble bath selfie won’t actually help YOU relax. Why should you self-care? Because you deserve it! Your kids are fine because you’re a great mom, your boss is happy because you work hard and your friends are content because they can depend on you. But, If you do nothing else in life remember to pour into yourself the amazing things you freely give to everyone else.



What does it take to self-care?

An investment. Whether it’s your time or money you have to invest into your happiness. Maybe you do need the most obvious option when it comes to relaxation, a spa day. However, keep in mind that self-care isn’t about one hour of happy and then 23 hours of “ok. what’s next”. Self-care is all about being in charge of what creates the happiness and balance you want in your life. Because, balance is always important (work hard, play hard). The reason why I said you have to be in charge of you is because everyone will believe they know what you need and 9 times out of 10 it won’t actually benefit you.

What self-care act will benefit you most?

No one has the answer but you. Ask yourself, “What do I need” and “What do I want”. Find the balance between your two responses and do what feels right for you. Whatever you come up don’t talk yourself out of exploring your options. Maybe you have a passion that you’ve allowed to sit in the back in your mind and collect dust. Self-care means creating that vision board, putting that idea up front and going for it. If there’s some past experience that still controls your current outlook on life then you will find that journaling or maybe a therapy session will be a great help. Self-care doesn’t always require you to be alone, being around like-minded women and empowering each other is another powerful way to self-care.

Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t be happy today or tell yourself there’s a better time to accomplish a goal or go after a passion. Go for it now so you can celebrate sooner! 



Self-care is often broken into 5 main categories:

Physical,Mental/Emotional,Spiritual, Lifestyle and Social.

Physical self-care deals with how you take care of your physical self. Are you sleeping good, eating right, exercising consistently and seeing doctors when necessary? You shouldn’t only see a doctor in the emergency room. Invest in a dermatologist when needed, go and get your eye checked yearly and your teeth cleaned routinely.

Mental and Emotional self-care is highly important. Mental health issues are currently affecting far too many people who are reluctant to seek professional help. Self-care is preventive care. Learning to cope in healthy ways, finding support and managing stress are some of the ways to prevent mental health issues.

Spiritual self-care is a deep connection with self, god or nature. Becoming self-aware, finding your purpose and prayer are examples of spiritual care.

Lifestyle self-care is how you choose to live your life. Maybe you overwork yourself, can’t say no when you need to or are living day-to-day with no direction. Either way, self-care is important to improve your lifestyle and living a fulfilled life.

Social self-care is how you interact with the people in your life. This is how you connect with your family and maintain healthy relationships. Healthy relationships not only affect your quality of life but how you see yourself.


“Invest in yourself. Invest in self-discipline. Invest in self-satisfaction. Have complete control over your own thoughts and convictions, and never stop aiming to outdo yourself.”–Lionel Suggs

20 Ways to Invest Into Yourself

  1. Get Your Body Right (Try Keaira LaShae)
  2. Buy quality and healthier foods (Say No To GMOs!)
  3. Find your purpose ( workbooks, ebooks, seminars)
  4. Get a life coach.
  5. Travel ( Staycation or Explore a New Country)
  6. Attend a conference.
  7. Go on a date.
  8. Take a mental health day.
  9. Take a dance class.
  10. Redecorate your home (Your home environment can affect your mood.)
  11. Keep a journal ( Write out the things you can’t say out loud.)
  12. Break a bad habit.
  13. Turn off the TV and put away the phone for the day.
  14. Read daily affirmations.
  15. Make a vision board.
  16. Write a personal mission statement.
  17. Meditate or Pray.
  18. Listen to music.
  19. Go for a walk
  20. Go to an expo ( Like the Women Empower  Expo in October)

Women Empower Expo 2016 will be in South Florida on October 15!

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