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Heyyy, I’m back with another gift guide! The first was dedicated to some really dope shoes and bags (on sale) and this one will inspire you to think a little outside the box. As much as we all would love the new iPhone and new additions to our wardrobes there’s nothing like receiving something with some real thought behind it. The kind of special things that no one else would enjoy except you. These are things we should give our family and friends. They’re unique and most importantly useful. Because there’s nothing worse than cashing out on a gift and knowing that person barely touches it.

Let’s get into this gift guide. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Women



unique Christmas gift guide


      1. This Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser is perfect for those that like create relaxing home environments. Give the gift of good smells with this diffuser!
      2. Where style meets travel! Luxe City Guides are great for ladies that love to travel in style. These guides can even inspire the inner wanderlust.
      3. Because regular metal spoons are for regular girls. Check out this Electroplated Flatware Set it’s definitely unique and useful.
      4. A rug that reminds her exactly what every woman should know when she looks in the mirror. This You Look Good rug needs to be in your shopping cart right now.
      5. Not your average notepads! Knock Knock Notepads  are the ultimate stationary and super cool for organizing your thoughts. Yes, stationery and journals makes for a great gift!
christmas gift guide


6.This decanter is more than useful if that’s possible. Even if she doesn’t drink The Hard Stuff she’ll appreciate it as a fabulous decor option.

7. Cards Against Humanity aka a party game for horrible people. Sounds like a good time right! Get This.

8. I’m Outta Here is a passport holder for fly travelnistas. Maybe grab those Luxe City Guides too?

What are you waiting for GO SHOP!

Gift Guide Review

Breaking Games Cards Against Humanity • $25
Knock Knock Shit-List Sticky Notes • Knock Knock • $5
Knock Knock Need-To-Talk Sticky Notes • Knock Knock • $5
Knock Knock What I Love Note Pad • Knock Knock • $8
Gift Boutique The Master Plan Journal • $22
LUXE City Guides – Fashion Gift Box – Black • $60
LUXE City Guides – Asia Gift Box – White • $60
12-Piece Electroplated Flatware Set • Urban Outfitters • $59
VOTIVO ‘Soziety’ Aromatic Reed Diffuser • Votivo • $44
Gift Boutique Hard Stuff Decanter • $60
ban.do I’m Outta Here Passport Holder • $24
Plum & Bow You Look Good Bath Mat • Plum & Bow • $34

Part 3 ( Beauty Edition) coming Thursday!


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