Hair care has really evolved since the days of hot combs and Blue Magic grease. Even the upgrade to Luster’s Pink Oil and flat irons is completely outdated and most thought that was THE upgrade. The desire for natural ingredients and the increase in producing black hair care products has allowed an abundance of options and solutions for every hair type and problem. However, this has also caused a great deal of confusion. With so many options it’s getting quite expensive to find the right products that suit your hair needs. Even when a hair conditioner or serum claims its designed for your hair, in particular, it still doesn’t work. Most times good marketing and a little influencer hype will have you purchasing the same ingredients repeatedly, hoping for different results. Insanity!

Is hair grease Back?

Many naturals have caught on, decreased their product collections and left the product junkie life behind. While the hair care aisles are expanding they’re choosing to reach for the products that their mothers believed in. Yes, naturalistas everywhere are skipping over jojoba oil and mango butter for good old hair grease. This doesn’t by any measure mean that buying “new school” products are coming to an end. Trust the hair care industry is still rapidly growing. It just means that many are starting to question the need for high priced products when many generations were able to grow and maintain healthy hair without the elaborate ingredient list. You may have even noticed hair grease brands creating new products to keep up with current trends.

Petroleum Jelly Good or Bad?

For many years petroleum jelly, the main ingredient in hair grease, was almost a curse word in the natural community. It was understood that this pore clogging substance was useless and bound to leave your hair in an unhealthy state. The fact is petroleum jelly adds zero moisture to the hair. How did grandma grow gorgeous locks with a jar of Royal Crown? You’ll have to ask her. But, what we now know is that there’s a possibility a little old school and a little new school could be the perfect combination for an amazing hair regimen. This really depends on what works best for YOUR hair.

Could using a little grease to seal your favorite WATER BASED hair moisturizer be what you really needed all along? It’s definitely worth a try. As long as applying petroleum heavy products isn’t applied directly to the scalp. That’s never a good idea!

Can you think of any old school products that could make a comeback?

Check out this video on Egg and Mayo hair mask, a throwback hair treatment you may remember.

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