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What have you done? Apparently, created a big BUZZ around your name. Is it for the right reasons? I don’t know. Some people…Well a lot of people seem to be quite upset about one of your recent videos. Me on the other hand, I agreed with a few questions but, overall found it quite irresponsible.This video was a terrible idea that played into every stereotype and then had the nerve to ask that we accept each other for being unique individuals in the end. I’m so happy you enjoy anime but, why assume that black people care when you don’t like a certain black celebrity? Aren’t people in general just overly emotion about their favorite celebrities? And how can we accept each other for being unique individuals when you guys think an entire race is focused on petty things like watermelon.


27 Questions Black People Have For Black People  a.k.a 27 Questions White People Want to Ask Black People But Paid Black People to Ask Instead


Here’s the video:

Here’s the questions I agree with:

1. “Why do we say you’re pretty for a dark skin girl?” You guys know this is a real thing in the black community, don’t try and deny it now. However, I will say we’ve been doing a great job at loving all beautiful shades of melanin.

2.“Why are we quick to support a non-black business and hesitate with our own?” It’s not even about a failure to support but, more about that hesitation. Don’t hesitate when it comes to believing in something your family and friends are passionate about.

3. “Why don’t we like to confront are mental health issues?” Mental health is no joke and therapy is not very popular in the black community. Don’t shoot the messenger.

4. “Why do I have to be mixed to have a long hair?” Of course you don’t need to be mixed to have long hair. BLACK GIRLS HAVE LONG HAIR. But, if I had a dollar for every time some ass assumed a black chick with long hair must be mixed….


True story: I knew a mixed girl with kinky hair so dry it broke off like those Nature Valley granola bars that crumble when you touch them. Poor girl’s hair never grew past her ears. She was everything opposite of the mixed girl stereotype and yet I’ve never met a black girl with hair that chopped and screwed. So when people claim having mixed kids will give them longer and silkier hair I think of her and enjoy a silent chuckle. Some poor lost souls think they need another race to have healthy hair and that’s far from facts.


5.“Why do some black people say I have Native American in my family in order to feel interesting or more valuable than other black people around them?” Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced this in a conversation. YOU’RE LYING! You’ve never heard “I got Indian in my family” from a chick with a fresh perm. Then when she needs a touch up she goes completely AFRICAN PRIDE.


6. “Why are we always looking for the discount?” I like discounts, No I LOVE DISCOUNTS. But please stop asking your family and friends for discounts when they’re trying to be successful. SUPPORT YOUR PEOPLE 100%.


The other 21 questions we’re stupid. JUST STUPID. “Do you really believe black is beautiful or do you just say it because it sounds cool”? WTH are you talking about? I’m BLACK! Why would I think my own beauty is just a current trend? That’s something Becky and Bob wrote and paid ya’ll to say. Also same race crimes isn’t some epidemic that only black people deal with.



“Why is being educated a white thing?” WHAT! Let’s ignore the fact that we weren’t always allowed to be educated for a minute. Let’s focus on the fact that there are more black women enrolled in college than other race and gender right now. What was your question again?

I hated majority of this video. I don’t understand how a group black men and women thought this was a good idea. How much was the check?


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    • Audrey -

    • April 13, 2016 at 14:21 pm

    I co-signed on many of the questions, especially the ones surrounding community, colorism, homophobia and mental illness.

    But many of those questions were hair-ripping-out-ingly (made up word) tone deaf I had to cringe!!!

    1. Right! This video didn’t help open a positive conversation.

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