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Babies “R” US Registry : Why You Need It & What To Scan

Congratulations you’re expecting! I know a million questions are running through your mind if you’re a first time parent. Am I am ready? What’s next? Will I be a good mother? No worries, this is normal and you will be just fine. I promise. If you’ve done this before, then I’m sure you aren’t as concerned.

Outside of all those questions is the excitement of prepping for a new baby. Yes, you have found another reason to shop and while buying baby every adorable thing you come across seems like a great idea, it’s not. I know I know. Whose side am I on?

I’m On Your Side

I just want you to make the best choices while shopping for your baby. There will be hundreds of products targeted to new mothers and you WILL fall for many of them. This is also normal. If you’re expecting a baby girl, it will be even more difficult to fight the urge to buy all those hair bows and cute sandals. In my opinion, one of the best ways to get through the temptation is with a baby registry. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first kid or the third one, I say register. After all, there’s always a new product that might not have been around with the first and improvements made to the products that you already love.

How Can a Baby Registry Help You?

Most people use baby registries as a wish list to assist family and friends when shopping for gifts. Parents often create a registry and never look at it again. You can actually use this service as a way to organize your shopping list in addition its common purpose. Just like when shopping for groceries, a list helps you stay focused and on budget. Trust me, when you walk into a store that sells a Keurig style bottle maker and the only thing in your budget is breast milk, you’ll need the list. As a bonus there’s usually a free gift with a new registry. Stores like Babies “R” Us will give you a checklist of must haves, a gift bag filled with coupons, magazines and samples, and a rewards card.

They also provide you with a tool to scan any and all items of your choice, which is my favorite part of the process. I recommend you scan everything you want while you’re in the store. Even if you have 5 strollers, 4 play yards and 3 play mats, scan them. Scan everything you want, but not what you know for a fact you won’t buy or receive as a gift.

The cool thing with Babies “R” Us is that your list is completely editable online and you can go back and add things at different stores. This might not be enough for millennial mommies, so of course there’s an app for this too. The Babies “R” Us Registry app lets you manage your registry right from your phone.

So, let’s say fall in love 3 different strollers and can’t decide which one is best for your lifestyle. Yes, mommies do weird things like fall in love with strollers and Boppy pillow designs. Anyway, I say scan them all and when you get home you can look up reviews and make your final decisions then.

The Process is Easy

This is not like going to Disney World and being promised a nice hotel only to find out you’re required to sit through a 4 hour presentation first. It’s actually a really simple process and there’s someone to help you every step of the way. You just give the associate tending to you a little information and they’ll set you up with account and walk you through how to scan items in the store. Just this week I went with my cousin to set up a registry for her baby boy. Although she is not a first time mom, she still wanted to make sure she was choosing the right products. So of course she scanned everything and is able to manage her registry from her phone. This means she can delete items she doesn’t want and add new ones that weren’t available in the store.

What to Scan

Like I stated before, scan everything and edit later. Also remember to focus on products for when baby is older. A newborn will become a sixteen pound baby stealing food off your plate in no time. So add big items like a highchair and smaller things like sippy cups and toys. Also don’t set yourself up to receive 10 boxes of newborn size diapers either, scan a few size ones and size twos.

As far as play mats, I honestly don’t find much of a difference. Either you’re spending $100+ on all the bells and whistles or $30-$60 for the same product with a few variations. Babies like colors, movement, sounds, their reflection and most importantly anything they can get into their mouths. So it doesn’t matter if you get a $60 play mat, when chances are them finding your phone will be just as entertaining. If you’re on a serious budget don’t stress the play mat thing, it’s really just a blanket with toys attached to it.

fisher price step n play piano
This Fisher Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano is worth the $139.


What I do recommend is a bouncer (rocker or lounger) for sure. This will come in handy so baby can sleep just about anywhere. Although it’s not recommended that you make a habit of using it for that purpose. Bouncers are also great for keeping baby occupied and entertained if you have to do other things. You don’t have to spend a ton on one, but definitely scan one with a few features. Some bouncers only vibrate; my son hated that, while my daughter didn’t mind. So choose wisely.

Lastly, let’s talk about tubs. Most people have one in their homes so an additional one might not seem necessary. However, in my opinion adding a tub to your registry is a must. Some tubs are cheap and do its basic job, hold water and baby. While other tubs are a little more fancy, can check the water temperature or give a whirlpool experience. Honestly, baby won’t appreciate the fancy tub until he/she’s a toddler, if you’re lucky. A simple tub will work just fine, but I do think a tub with a few features like a shower head, or a stool attached is a good investment.

baby bath tubs


So, if you’re expecting don’t forget to sign up for a baby registry with Babies “R” Us, collect your free gifts, scan EVERYTHING and edit on the Babies “R” Us registry app.

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