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You Should Raise Creative, Interesting and Confident Children

Children are so amazing. When you ignore the fact that everything they love directly correlates with your stress, they are truly amazing. I watch shows like Master Chef Junior and Project Runway Junior and I’m completely amazed. These kids can whip up beautifully plated five star meals and sew haute couture gowns better than the best of them. Meanwhile, there are adults still making struggle plates and creating clothes reminiscent of Theo Huxtable’s infamous Gordon Gartrell shirt. It makes me wonder if we may be holding our children back. While I do believe not everyone was created to perfectly cook duck confit at the age of 10. I do believe if it’s possible for a pre-pubescent child to win Masterchef, then our children should be able to at least cook something outside of the microwave.

Black Moms Be Like

So this is not about race but, I have to mention this. Where are the talented black children on TV? We really must stop running our children out the kitchen and off the sewing machines. This is especially goes for little black boys. I could just hear a black mother right now yelling, “Get out of the kitchen while the stove is hot before you get burned and I go to jail and you grow up with no mother and end up hating me like Hakeem hated Cookie when she got out of prison on Empire.” Yeah we exaggerate a lot and it’s so unnecessary. Every time I run my two year out the kitchen a part of me hopes I’m not hindering a hidden talent. I know he’s only two but he loves to try to cook with me. I feel like I have to let the kid be my sous chef or he won’t someday win Masterchef. There’s no way I’m going to cheat myself out of bragging about having a child that can out cook Gordon Ramsay. Or maybe he will grow up to be an amazing designer and I get to wear free couture gowns to Target. You know parents live for any opportunity to brag about how their child excels in life.

Pats Self on the Back

I want my both of my children to be incredibly smart and to be honest they are. I mean my 2 year basically potty trained himself (Look at me bragging). However, outside wanting them to be critical thinkers and avid readers, I want them to be able to express some sort of creativity. When I see children on TV with so much knowledge and confidence that most don’t find until years into adulthood, it makes me realize that the freedom to create made all the difference. They were allowed to make mistakes that made perfect sense within their own minds. Through making what we see as mistakes they eventually mastered something we didn’t think they were capable of. This makes me want to change the way I see my children. They are small but mighty. I think all parents have to see that their children are capable of doing amazing things beyond the box we put them in.Now I have to make a point to introduce my children to the world of arts and crafts and things of that nature. Can’t let things stop at preschool finger-painting and macaroni art.

So may I suggest we invite our children into the kitchen, let them play the piano badly and continuously introduce them to new things. There are so many ways to allow a child to be creative. They may want to dance and play sports, but also give them opportunities to do things with less structure
and rules.

Painting Takes Patience and Practice Makes Perfect.So many life lessons can be learned through creative freedom.Just the other night I was watching Chopped Junior and one of the contestants said that cooking was a boost to his confidence.This child recognized that even at young age he lacked something I personally didn’t find until recently. How cool is it to see someone so young be so sure of himself. Another contestant said she had her entire life planned out and indeed she did. She said she would be on the food network, get a degree in business, travel for a year, open a restaurant that later evolves into a hotel and then become a food critic. I was mind-blown; this little girl was able to perfectly articulate her life goals.

So let us do something new in 2016, let the kids be free to explore and learn things outside of the box. They will thank you when they’re in college and not on they’re 5th major. Also remember, one day they’ll be someones husband or wife, don’t raise dull children.

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