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Male Fashion is Changing the Dynamics of Your Relationship.

First, the man bun and now we’ve moved on to one of the few styles we all thought men would never touch, a romper. Yes ladies, this summer you just may see a few bold men, legs out and rompered up. It’s actually been nicknamed romphim in order to protect the masculinity of its wearer. Only God knows what would happen if a man wore a romper instead of a romphim! Would the world end? We’ll never know.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend
No worries ladies your relationship will more than likely survive another man trend and he will still be male if he chooses to indulge in the romphim life.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend

Is this look for everyone? God no! Most and I mean MOST men should never even consider this trend. Rompers naturally despise 50% of people’s body types anyway. It’s a fact look it up. And then there’s the reality of peeing in public. Women know this struggle all too well. If you’re not prepared to see your romphim around your ankles in public, skip this trend. It’s my understanding that full booty out in a men’s bathroom is against man rules.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend

The real question is, are the fellas ready to get cat called all summer long? This kind of thing comes with the territory! “Hey, lil daddy in the romphim let me get your number!”

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend
Who’s ready for romphim summer?

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    • Christina -

    • May 17, 2017 at 10:19 am

    that last part. #BLMGirl

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for the love!

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