Today in social media news is finally a story that definitely needs to be heard. A story about women making positive and inspiring moves within Chicago in hopes to keep the youth off the streets. Something that’s often complained about but not supported enough. The Dream Center was built without grants or handouts and now may possibly be coming to an end. Check Out Beyonca Johnson (co-owner of The Dream Center) full statement below:

 “I spent over 250k Cash of my own money to build a community center for our youth and I’m getting evicted in 15 days!

Myself and HollyRock Medley built one of the best youth centers in Chicago with my own money. Not grant money, not money from corporations but over $200,000 of my VERY OWN MONEY. I just came from court getting evicted from my youth center bc I have no funding yet to get this place going and I’ve been holding down 10k a month overhead for well over a year.

I am a 501c3 organization. I feed kids every day, out my pocket. I created a Haven for them. I have my time and service. I am overwhelmed with sadness and to watch what I built so amazing be taken away from me when I’m saving lives every day.

I can count on 1 finger how many people donated to us. Dropped off food, or a package of $5.00 waters. These pastors get million dollar grants for youth programs and they don’t even have youth. I’m saving he’d boys who people think are bad. They’re not bad they just want love, attention, somewhere to be. My center isn’t just for youth it’s for adults who need encouragement, who wants to start a business, who needs to seek their dreams.

Now I’m struggling and in the hole. Broke as hell because I built a youth center to save our youth. We’re doomed… Our young generation is doomed bc I see that not really many people care. I get Facebook likes, and messages about me doing good but no one comes and volunteers, drop of $10 or try to contribute.

My center has 25 Apple computers I bought on my own not donated by Apple. I have PlayStation, Xbox, 10 televisions I bought myself, basketball rim, basketballs I bought myself and everything else. But because I’m not in the political cliques, I’m not a pastor, I’m not throwing grown and sexy parties then no one cares. But when these kids continue keep killing one another and until it affects someone in your household, when they start robbing and carjacking because they’re hungry and broke. I can say I tried. I tried so hard I really did.

My landlord of my property has an empty storefront right next door to me and it’s been empty since I leased the place and he wants to try to put my youth center out after I put over 50k in improvements of his facility. I put in new walls, floors, bathroom, all electrical, electrical lights, ceiling, plumbing, the works! He can’t wait until at least one grant comes successful.

I’m venting and I’m sad but hey I’m not embarrassed bc I’m losing my place. It’s a Non-profit for youth not a for profit. What I am embarrassed is that 4 doors down is a restaurant/bar owned by my landlord and our successful black people party there every Tuesday and they walk pass my center and they Come in and my youth gives them tours and tell them how we save their lives. They say OMG this place is amazing I commend you sisters for what you’re doing, I’ve never seen anything like this before but then they have never reached in their pocket and gave us $5.00 but they go few doors down and drink, and stand around and see has more than who when our kids are dying in these streets.

It’s not just my lost, it’s our black community’s lost. I can not believe how selfish the world is! Crazy thing is the landlord can write everything off bc I’m a charitable organization but I clearly understand now it’s not even about the rent he doesn’t want the youth there.

It would mean the world to me.
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The Dream Center

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chicago youth center

How Can You Help The Dream Center

They are hoping to raise 50k and so far have around 6k and I hope you find it in your heart to support The Dream Center.  Read their GoFundMe page for more about the center and how you can help.

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