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The Best and Worst of The 2016 Video Music Awards

Last night the 2016 VMAs  aired their 4-hour award show and boy was it a lot to take in. First things first the show could of have truly been condensed into 30 minutes. That is all we needed to see Rihanna, Beyonce, Teyanna Taylor and Kanye West make the best moments of the night happen. Everything else shown  added no value to the VMAs and should have been kept at the round table. Let’s get the “BAD” out of the way so we can focus on the good stuff.

The Bad


Key and Peele should have stayed their behinds on home. The thing is I actually enjoy a lot of the material they put out on their own tv show. However, last night their commentary was over the top and not one joke made sense. The only part of their non-ending commentary that was remotely entertaining was when they lacked words to express how awesome Beyonce’s Lemonade performance was.

Ariana Grande and her ponytail tried really hard to do something. No idea what she was trying to do but she tried. To Ariana’s credit, her voice is absolutely amazing and no one can take that away. However, the combination of trying to sing and cycle on stage did not work out at all. The best thing Ariana could have done was played to her strengths and just went out and sang like we all know she can.

Anyone who told a joke last night was terrible.

The Good

Kanye West came out and blessed us with a speech about god knows what. I have no idea what message he was hoping convey but I put him in the good category for several reasons. For one he introduces himself by saying I am Kayne West as if we had no clue. He goes on to address the Taylor Swift issue, he shouted out Amber Rose, Kayne is still stanning for Beyonce and he blessed us with an amazing new video starring Teyana Taylor.


Teyana Taylor danced in Kayne West’s new video (premiered during the VMAs) and it was nothing short of amazing. The fact she has a baby that’s not even 1 yet and Teyana’s body is goals already is absolutely crazy. Her snap back game is too strong and actually very inspiring. I almost gave up pizza after watching Teyana perform in a sports bra and underwear. Sidenote: The fact that Cosmopolitan Magazine thought we didn’t know who Teyana Taylor was last night was super annoying. With love, I ask that you not try it again and get those tweets together.


Beyonce arrived at the awards in a whimsical and dramatic feather neckline gown with Blue Ivy in an adorable tutu gown and sneakers (photo above). She also brought the cast of her last project on the carpet with her, including the mothers that lost their sons to police brutality. Later that night she gave us an amazing performance of Lemonade. As always she did a spectacular job and went home with the Video of The Year award (a win over Kayne).

Rihanna had a total of four performances! She started with a Pepto Bismol pink (no shade I loved it) themed set including Only Girl, We Found Love, Where Have You Been and Please Don’t Stop The Music. Her second performance was exciting for any Caribbean girl. She performed Work, Rude Boy and Whats My Name in a dancehall themed set. Third, she performed BBHMM and Pour it Up. Her best and last performance was Diamonds, Stay, and Love on the Brain. Although her voice was shaky throughout the night she ended things on a good note, no pun intended, and we were all proud of her.

If you didn’t know Rihanna received the Video Vanguard Award and her rumored boyfriend Drake presented it to her. However, he didn’t just present it he gave a speech so great that it could only prelude to a proposal and you cannot tell me Drake isn’t in love with Rihanna. The only thing that that sucked in that moment was that Rihanna wasn’t giving any form of PDA. She low key called him short, curved his kiss and kind of friend zoned him on stage. With all that, there is hope that they both find love.

What Was Your Favorite Part?

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