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Random Conversation About Twitter & My Favorite Tweets

One thing about Twitter, it doesn’t matter what we tweet to our followers, what we favorite speaks a thousand words. This is obviously where the best tweets live, as it is the whole point of the favorite button. I believe if you want to get to know someone without speaking to them, read their favorites first. It’s all the things that don’t necessary make it to their timeline, but they agree or found humor in.

My Twitter feed is mostly what ever is on my mind like most people. But now having two young children and a blog I don’t get to tweet nearly as much as I use to. Not only that, the subject matter has changed dramatically and everyone I follow now ages from late twenties to mid thirties. I went from talking about ratchet weaves to complaining about bed times, back pain and budgets. Where has my youth gone?

Years ago I would use all 140 characters to say the the most ridiculous , childish and petty things. Then I grew up! Now I want people to get the positive vibes that I’m trying to live day to day. If I could look back at old tweets I would probably cringe. Did I really say that? My slightly offensive and inappropriate days are over. Thank God.

To be honest I low-key still keep up with a few accounts that produce nothing but trash, for entertainment purposes only. I still need those ridiculous tweets for a good laugh to keep my spirits up when life seems to be trying my patience.

What’s in My Favorites?

I could just tell ya’ll head over to Twitter and check it out for yourself but, that would be rude. So I brought My favorite of my favorites to you.

This has been a year of self-development for me and my favorites mostly reflect that. So, here are all the things I liked so far:

Motivational and Still a Little Petty


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