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Perfect Your Life In 2016, Beyonce Style

We all know Beyonce has life figured all the way out. I won’t waste your time listing all 3,478 things she’s accomplished in her lifetime, let’s just say she slays unapologetically. Now that the stanning in over, lets discuss how you can get like Bey in 2016. Yes, it’s possible to be Beyonce in your little way. 

1. Keep Your Private Life Off The Internet

Ladies, please shut up! There’s a time to be honest, open and vulnerable, you are human after all. What you need to leave behind in 2015 is the tendency to over share on social media. You don’t hear Beyonce whining about Jay-Z leaving his Timberland’s in the doorway again. Take all that today’s-way-to-pity-me news and write it in a journal, tell your mother or phone a friend. I’m not trying to be harsh but, I’ve been there and you will regret it. Don’t give people that don’t genuinely love you space to comment on your downfalls. Matter of fact… let’s get to part 2.

2. Only Show Up When It’s Time to Slay

Beyonce is known for keeping her life private until she says you need to know something. She only lets you in for two reasons; to remind you she’s human and happy and to serve you talent and slayage. Write this down ladies, only show up when it’s time to slay. You don’t owe nobody a damn thing. The people that love you will support you unconditionally. So, if others think you’re single, lonely, and unhappy, depressed or broke, then too bad. When you show up give them nothing but, “I’m lovely darling, what’s your name again.”

3. Work Hard and Don’t Work At All

I know you know like I know Queen Bey is one of the hardest working entertainers. Just as much as she works she and her family make time to travel everywhere but space. We can learn from this approach to life. Work hard but never forget to treat yourself, self-care, relax and travel. Not only do you absolutely need it but you are worthy of a great life.

4. Do the Unexpected

From dropping unexpected albums to collaborating with Nicki Minaj, Beyonce does the unexpected. In 2016 don’t tell nobody what you’re up to, keep some of those goals to yourself. One day just show up and slay. I’m not saying it’s necessary to hid in a cave and come out with a bestseller. I’m just suggesting you keep some movements on the hush now and yell *SURPRISE B****es* later.  


5. Surround Yourself With Dope Women


Destiny’s Child hasn’t been hot for some time but, Beyonce still keeps some great women around her. Solange is #blackgirlmagic, Mama Tina looks like she makes really good grits, Kelly still there looking like Godiva chocolate and Michelle can sing. In 2016 get some genuine female friends that stick by you even after you blow up and the world expects you to grow out of them. You don’t grow out of good friendships they grow with you. 
How do you plan on getting like Queen Bey!

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    • SoJo -

    • December 30, 2015 at 23:45 pm

    Lol! LOVE this list! Especially showing up when it's time to slay.

  1. Lol thanks… you better slay in 2016!

  2. I'm here for ALL of this!!! Great list!!!

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  4. Great Post! I agree that Beyonce is truly hot! I think she brings a certain level of focus and dedication. I spoke with her dad a couple of months ago on my blog, and he definitely had a plan for his daughters. I am Aisha Adams, and I am the co founder of the awards Southern Blogger Impact Awards! I am excited that you were nominated. Good Luck!

    1. Wow, that’s dope that you got to speak with him and thank you for creating such an awesome opportunity!

  5. What a great, fun post with useful advice. Beyoncé didn’t get to where she is by being anything less than calculated in her moves.

    1. Exactly!!! thanks for reading

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