briogeo review

Is Briogeo good for Natural hair?

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A while back I received a Pop Sugar Must Have Box filled with awesome things from a lip lacquer to my new favorite fall hat. Another great product I received and fell in love happens to be perfect for my natural hair and yours too. It’s a deep conditioning mask from Briogeo that promises to “reduce breakage by up to 81% after 3 uses”. Is this even possible? Well, everyone’s hair is different so I won’t make that promise. A better question is, Is Briogeo worth a trip a local retailer?

After about 4 uses,  I’d say yes! If you haven’t been keeping up I’ve been dealing with a few hair troubles. Mostly thinning as mentioned in a previous post.  I feel confident Briogeo has really been helping my hair and you can check out my new vlog to find out more.

Deep Conditioning For Natural Hair

Briogeo Review

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