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Countdown to Turkey Day and Gratefulness

You Have Twenty-three Days to Be Grateful & Aware

For many of us it’s the countdown to turkey day. The day we find excuses to break our diets and pray no one questions us about our relationships and such. It’s also the time we reflect on the things we’re thankful for. We often come up with basic things like I’m thankful for family or try to be funny and say we’re thankful for the food. Unless you’re lucky enough to be from a close-knit family , the conversation never gets too deep. We never explain what it means to be grateful for family. What does it mean when we say we’re grateful for life? Does it make a difference to say I’m thankful  I woke up this morning compared to I’m appreciative that after all my wrongs God still gives me chances to grow ? Or I’m thankful that I have people who give me 110% even when I only do the least. Amazing how a small explanation makes all the difference.

We have 23 days to find all the things were grateful for. It’s also an opportunity to find areas in life we need to improve upon. Let us not just be thankful, but aware. Let us realize that we will never be perfect but there’s always room to get better. So, if you’re thankful for having someone that goes above and beyond when you don’t, you may realize that you can improve on that relationship.

The Challenge

A lot of times we question why things are the way they are. So for the next 23 days let’s figure it out. I challenge you to find things you’re grateful for and become aware of how you can improve an area in your life. Write it down, make a commitment and grow from it.

  1. I’m thankful for having a job that pays the bills.
    I’m aware that there’s something I’d love to do that not only pays the bills but satisfies my passion.
  2.  I’m thankful for my health.
    I’m aware I often don’t take care of my body the way I should.

“A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.”

– James E. Faust

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