Happy Throwback Thursday

In honor of the weekly holiday Throwback Thursday I’ve gathered five throwback blog post that you might have missed. It’s an eclectic bunch and I’m sure you’ll find something you love. From creating a vision board to a story about a fly and of course a sprinkle of fashion. I’m myself am currently at home battling a cold and two snotty nosed toddlers who seem not to notice we’re all sick. Ahhhh Hashtag That Mommy Life! So in efforts to keep this national holiday on track, let’s celebrate by playing catch up with The Urban Eclectic.  Side Note: There are only 13 Throwback Thurdays left in 2016!!! What to do with all that time and opportunity?

In Cased You Missed It:











Bonus: Return of Adidas

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Remember those My Adidas Run DMC commercials when Adidas came back and everyone was hype. When everybody had the Adidas track suits and couldn’t even run for class president if they homeschooled. Ahhh the good days, nothing like rocking athletic wear, lip stick, and a purse. That song came out in 1986 and 20 years later they’re still finding ways to be relevant. From Run DMC to working with Kanye Kardashian. Check out all the dope things Adidas is putting out here.

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