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Fall/Winter Necessities

12 Things Needed to Get through Fall/Winter Fabulously

1. I love sunglasses. Problem is I may be the only person in the world that feels blind wearing them. Yes, I know it’s odd and quite unfortunate. It might even be confusing that they’re number one on my list of fall/winter must haves. But, I don’t care how impaired my vision may seem. I will be somewhere in Florida, tripping on air and looking fabulous in some cat eye frames. Yes, I said Florida we’ll discuss that in a minute.

2. Fur bags are everything. Living in Florida means it’s frowned upon to wear fur coats. Reality is, it’s hot and you’ll look pretty ridiculous. However, fur bags are a little cheat to look cute without looking crazy. I need one asap!

3. Who doesn’t love a leather jacket?They’re versatile and a closet staple. Leather jackets can add edge to just about any style. This is definitely a splurge item.

4. This is not your basic beanie. Here’s another way to wear the fur look without going overboard. For those that aren’t bold enough to wear a fur vest, this is for you. I’ve personally been in love with the whole “ears” trend. So fur + ears = yassss.

5. I need a fly ass hat. I never thought I looked great in them, but now I absolutely need one. This is one of those things that can be worn year around. Something so versatile should be in everyone’s closet. There’s a shape for everyone’s face and many fall colors to choose from.
6. A simple black turtleneck will forever be a classic. Anything that can be dressed up with a skirt and heels or down with jeans and flats is a must have. Price point isn’t too important here, but if it’s cheap and sheer then leave it the store.

7. I’ll be the girl with dark red lips and brown skin. It’s time to find more variations of red to wear this fall/ winter season. Red lips can be worn by anyone of any shade, no matter what you heard. Don’t be afraid of this fierce and fabulous color.

8. All black thigh high boots for when I’m feeling untouchable. I’d wear thigh high boots to bed and stay fly in my dreams. I’m in love with these things and I need another pair. My last ones had to be thrown out and it still hurts. These are true feeling myself shoes and must be styled carefully. Let’s just say, don’t walk the streets with these things in the wrong outfit.

9. Doesn’t mango butter sound like it taste, smells and feels amazing? Then there’s no confusion as to why I need this stuff in my life. It’s similar to Shea butter so it shares similar benefits. Mango butter protects moisturizers and softens skin. However, it’s not edible.

10. More thigh high boots and I’m not ashamed. Boots have come a long way from being not so classy. It’s all about how you wear them. Let the boots make a statement and keep the skin to a minimum.

11. Protective styles are a must through out the year. However, if you’re dealing with cold temperatures or inconsistent weather, then protecting your hair is especially important. For me, one minute it feels sort of like fall and other times, it’s summer in the center of hell. So, protective styling is a must this time of year.

12. A few years ago stockings randomly made a comeback and now they’re slowly fading away. While it’s still appropriate to wear tights that confuse grandmas around the world , I need to grab a few pair. Stocking or tights can add a little personality to your outfit.

What’s on your fall must haves list?

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