How To Not Be Bitter On Valentine’s Day
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This Valentines Day may be an amazing celebration of love with your significant other or maybe your significant other is a bottle of Spumante. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with showering yourself with love, gifts, and more love. Many single women tend to be a little(or a lot) sad around this time of year, understandably. But, don’t let cupids discriminating arrows get you down, the season of love is still very real even if self-love is your focus.

You may have imagined your perfect Valentines experience, quickly remembering you’re single and instead end up giving yourself far less than you’d expect from some else. Retire the ice cream and Netflix routine, it’s getting old. Stop waiting for prince charming to arrive and give you whatever you’ve conjured up in your mind. You also can’t marry yourself and where the law allows you honestly shouldn’t, it’s weird. However, what you can do is first learn to love you and then treat yourself to fabulous things that make you look good and feel good too.

If you insist on lounging around the house and avoiding nauseating PDA the very least you can do is put on something sexy. Sexy is subjective. Why not wear nice lingerie and remind yourself, in the words of Trina, you’re “still the baddest, not a damn thing changed”? However, if you can you muster up the strength to face your local lovebirds get dressed in an LBD, round up your single friends and enjoy a night out on the town. The option to go on an actual date with a man you probably won’t want to ever see again is available as well. But, whatever you do don’t feel sorry for yourself and for the love of god please don’t clog Facebook with negative relationship memes. It reeks of sadness and won’t get you any closer to wedding bells or even a lobster tail for that matter.

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