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True Life: Trolls Come In Many Forms


I was designing a graphic in Inkscape and noticed that I could not get things to go the way I wanted. Every time I did one thing something completely different would happen. If you ever made any attempt at graphic design then you know it can be a very tedious and stressful roller coaster. After going back and forth from success to failure with my graphic something caught my attention.

I noticed a huge fly was trapped in my room and kept landing on different light sources. This fly would go back and forth from the TV to the computer screen, completely dodging my attempts to swat it with a book. This fly was the Usain Bolt of flies but, even less cute and too quick for my swats. At some point I saw him land on the desktop screen and my graphic changed slightly. I then remembered that the computer had a touch screen display, so every time the fly would land he would click something. I couldn’t believe I allowed myself to be trolled by a fly. So many questions ran through my mind like, how come I have to hit the screen to get Windows 8 to cooperate and this nasty fly lightly lands and now my words go from pink to yellow?

This story actually happened a few nights ago and today I thought back on it and realized there’s a lesson here.


The Life Lesson

The lesson is sometimes people can hinder you by not understanding why something is important to you. Some people are like the fly, they only understand THEIR need to be in your space. But, they have no understanding that their presence doesn’t contribute to anything positive. Maybe they don’t have enough knowledge to assist you or money to support you but like the fly they can’t even offer words to push you. Just hanging out in your space and in your way for their own comfort. It’s not that they’re bad people they just weren’t designed to understand you. For those people in your space and in your way you have to swat with a book (please don’t actually do this).

You have to get them out of your way so you can grow or accomplish the goals you set out for yourself. They may not understand your needs, drive or passion and liking you simply isn’t enough. You need to surround yourself with people that more than like your company or what you have to offer, they have to get you. The individuals around you don’t to have fully see your vision because it’s not there’s to see. However, they have to be willing to understand it. If they are unable to connect with you the way you need then, they have go hang out where flies belong, away from your space.

What’s the craziest way you’ve ever learned a life lesson?

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  1. How profound! I have a few flies I need to swat out of my life.

  2. Yes, don't let them get in the way of your 2016.

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