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Have you heard Vine has come to an end? Back in 2013, Vine was an instant hit and no one could’ve imagined that a 6-second video could do the things it did. Whether it was creating stars, making the world laugh and inspiring some of the funniest memes in the past three years Vine was a big deal. When Instagram released its 15-second video feature it created a new space for content creators to gain an audience. For many such as myself, it eliminated my need for the app knowing those 6-second videos would be downloaded to Instagram anyway. However, Instagram didn’t dull Vine’s shine. People from all over the world continued to create and share their videos with the world and even Snapchat didn’t stop them. Well, that is until now! Vine is over but those classic hilarious videos will live on. Here are some of my favorites:

Top Vine Videos

“Do it for the vine…I ain’t gon’ do it” One of my favorites and definitely the most adorable!

A prank goes that goes wrong….. or right.

Are club shootings funny? No, but the fact that Chris Brown thought they we’re dancing is!

This entire scene is worthy of an award.


I’m not even sure why they felt this was ok.


How long was he holding that poor dove?

There’s a lesson here..I think she learned it.

A classic..But what’s up with the random toilet?

“I was told by Apple Care..” Apparently, somebody lied to you ma’am.

How one woman created a whole new word. We’re forever grateful!

When a man gets caught and tries to sound smart.

That dance!

When your President is black…

Heart eyes will change his life..write that down ladies.

Excuse the language.

R.I.P Vine

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