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Is it possible to be too supportive of the people we love? You may of heard about the recent celebrity news pertaining to Nicki Minaj. Her 37-year-old brother Jelani, was arrested for rape of a 12-year-old. Allegedly, Nicki is standing behind him and decides to bail him out of jail. Because this is not a gossip site I’ll keep it at that. However, I do want to raise a question. Where is the line when being supportive to family?

These are the people we’ve known our entire lives. We grew up before each others eye and have fought our way to be treated as respectable adults with valid opinions. They’ve seen us at our best and at our worst. But, what happens when they’re at their worst and we absolutely can’t support the reasons behind their downfall. This could be the brother accused of rape or the sister that has been addicted to drugs on and off for years. Completely different scenarios, but point is that’s family at the end of they day. Many people don’t consider that their choices don’t just affect them, but they affect their families as well. Most importantly sometimes your choices come with victims that may never learn to cope. How do you continue to love someone unconditionally and have their back when they live so callously? Do you ignore them completely, pray for them and offer some advice or stand by them wholeheartedly.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to turn your back and feel good about it. I know for sure that if in fact Jelani has raped someone’s little girl he deserves what ever comes to him. I am not his sister so I would never even consider posting his bond. If I were his wife, I would’ve backed my bags yesterday. But, what if you were his sister or his mother. How do you sleep at night knowing you bailed out a rapist. But then how do you sleep at night knowing you didn’t help your brother or son.

 Is there in fact a line or does the line move to soothe our conscience?

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